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Anonymous: Hi my name is stella



American eagle is perfect💕
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all monsters are human - american horror story

Basically on March 5, 2014 everyone should draw a “t” on place where people can see it (hands, face, shirts, shows etc) and if you see someone with this “t” anywhere you go up to them & hug them, exchange urls, and become lifelong friends.
THIS IS FOR EVERYONE! porn, quality, vertical, personal, indie, kawaii, pale, grunge, fandoms, absolutely everyone! 
In order for this to happen we have to REBLOG & LIKE to spread the world, there are more than 170 MILLION blogs on tumblr, now is the time for a TUMBLR DAY!
{this is a very amazing idea from @snapping}
i fucking hate you, but i love you. im bad at keeping my emotions bubbled. you're good at neing perfect, we're good at being troubled, yeahhhh